The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation is a Thai registered not for profit originally set up in 2005 in cooperation with Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort.

We are located in the far north of Thailand where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet (The Golden Triangle).

GTAEF strongly believes that in an ideal world all elephants would be wild. This is unfortunately not the case, so until we reach that point, GTAEF aims to assist captive elephants, improving their lives and welfare, while also taking part in conservation and wild elephant programs to ensure the
survival of the wild herd.

Why do Thailand’s Elephants need help

GTAEF at all times endeavour to ensure that net good is done and that our action in helping one elephant does not adversely affect others.

Our Aims

  • To help elephants that cannot help themselves; to assist those that find themselves, through
    abuse or circumstance, unable to provide and maintain an income for themselves, their
    mahouts and their families.
  • Through our working elephants, we aim to show that it is possible for elephants and mahouts to earn a living while maintaining world class standards of care and not resorting to dangerous or demeaning work such as street begging, illegal logging or inappropriate elephant shows.
  • To provide a controllable and safe environment for publishing research scientists and
    veterinarians to perform ethical and non-invasive research into Asian elephants, their behaviour and intelligence, with the goal of learning how to better look after them in captivity and protect them in the wild.
  • To work with conservationists to protect those elephants still living wild in Thailand and to
    develop projects that allow them to live comfortably in the forests. We also work with the human communities surrounding the elephant territory to minimise the ill will felt by those whose livelihoods are compromised by Human Elephant Conflict.
The GTAEF Model

  • GTAEF rescues elephants, mahouts and families from around Thailand. Many of our elephants come from the streets, but others come from illegal logging camps, trekking camps or elephant shows.
  • GTAEF rents the elephants from the mahout, provides fodder, a forest environment and shelter as well as vet care for the elephant; along with food, accommodation, health care and insurance for the mahouts and their families.
  • GTAEF also cooperates with the government and other organisations in ‘bigger picture’
    projects throughout South East Asia in the hopes of improving conditions for captive elephants as well the remaining wild population.

Why Not Just Buy The Elephant?

Years of observation and interviews with many major players have taught us that this market is
driving the capture of elephants from the wild. We’ve learned that to buy one elephant, for
whatever reason, is to have a negative impact on conservation and on welfare for all elephants by causing another elephant to be taken from the wild and to be trained – often in the most brutal fashion – to work for humans.

The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) is located at and supported by the Anantara Golden Triangle and Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, these organisations cover all admin. costs and our parent company, Minor International, is our largest single donor ensuring any money you donate goes straight to helping elephants.
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