GTAEF works with many different elephant and conservation organisations, businesses and individuals throughout the world in the shared aim of helping elephants. Although we do not always share the same outlook or agree on every aspect of different organisations ideas, projects or worldviews, we can work to come together on common ground for the mutual goal of helping elephants and conservation.


Sister Charities:


Think Elephants International
Think Elephants International (TEI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting elephant conservation through scientific research and education programming. Founded in 2010, TEI studies how elephants navigate their world, both physically and socially. TEI believes that the more we understand about how elephants think, the better able we will be to design conservation protocols that take the elephants’ AND humans’ needs into account.
Bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding, TEI designs comprehensive education programs that use the elephant as a model organism to teach biology, ecology, sustainability sciences, and critical thinking skills. TEI’s goal is to teach children in order to influence the next generation of scientists, consumers and conservationists.

Friends of Conservation
The charity arm of travel agent Abercrombie and Kent, renowned for conservation work in their own right, have agreed to become a funding channel for Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation from the US.

Project Partners:


Wildlife Alliance
Wildlife alliance’s mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments in Cambodia and South East Asia.

Founded in 2001 by Sebastien Duffillot & Gilles Maurer. Much of Elefantasia’s work is conducted in the Sayaboury Province of Laos, a region home to 75% of the nation’s domesticated elephant population and one of Laos’ largest remaining wild elephant populations. With the traditional mahout culture still alive and active in Sayaboury, ElefantAsia strives to achieve a balance between wildlife utilization and effective species conservation and breeding.

The Sold Project
The Sold Project prevents child prostitution through education by providing scholarships & resources to children at risk. We have worked with the Sold Project, not only to give the children in their care elephant activities through the Elephants For Kids campaign, but also by lending them our elephants to produce a video on the project and a photo series.

See the video here:

And the photo series here:

Africam Safari
Supporters of our Target Training workshops and employer of our target training master Dr Gerardo Martinez.

Citi Bank Thailand
Sponsors of our baby elephant Nong Denra.

ZSL Thailand (Formerly Elephant Conservation Network)
Working with wild elephants and their surrounding human communities in and around the Salakpra Elephant Ecosystem to minimise Human Elephant Conflict through the protection and eventual establishment of elephant corridors, crop protection trials, monitoring of crop raiding events as well as working with the local communities to establish land use patterns, work on community education and on finding/suggesting alternative forms of income for those who formerly relied on the forest.

Finass Reisen
After a visit to Four Seasons Tented Camp the Swiss travel agent Finass Reisen immediately offered to adopt a baby elephant, Nong Lamyai, they continue to raise funds ans awareness as well as sending guests to spend time with our elephants.

Carol Stevenson – Elephant Photographer
Carol Stevenson has been working with GTAEF on a multi-year project to document the plight of the Asian elephant and to increase awareness of the crisis. Her work spans many aspects of the elephant’s lives – from the ethereal mornings as the elephants go to bathe to capturing the intimacy of the relationship between the elephant and its mahout.

The photos are beautiful and stand alone as great art.

The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) is located at and supported by the Anantara Golden Triangle and Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, these organisations cover all admin. costs and our parent company, Minor International, is our largest single donor ensuring any money you donate goes straight to helping elephants.
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