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How much to Donate?

It costs us about US$18,000 per year to keep one elephant, mahout, family and benefits - even after the administration and infrastructure the hotels provide so, if we are going to continue to rescue we do need cash!

Any donation large or small will go to help the elephants, at the time of writing we have 17 elephants directly looked after by the Foundation and cover the basic living costs plus insurance for their mahouts and families.

When funds are available we will entertain support for any project that we see as able to benefit all the elephants of Thailand, the diverse rangeof projects we are currently involved with is best viewed through the Facebook: GTAEF Helping Elephants and @elehelp Twitter accounts as, though we vet projects for their sustainability before entering into them, no two months are ever the same!

John Roberts
Director of Elephants & Conservation Activities

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The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) is located at and supported by the Anantara Golden Triangle and Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, these organisations cover all admin. costs and our parent company, Minor International, is our largest single donor ensuring any money you donate goes straight to helping elephants.
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